Board Retreats & Workshops

Board Retreats & Workshops

ACCT's Board Retreat and Workshop Services help trustees carry out their responsibilities effectively in a complex and changing environment. ACCT provides lay trustees with the knowledge, understanding and skills that enable college leadership to meet institutional missions successfully.

Retreats can strengthen communication and understanding among board members, leading to a more productive working group. Moreover, the example set by a board that regularly engages in professional development becomes a model for the rest of the institution. The value of a board retreat cannot be understated. Moreover, retreats motivate members of the board to be actively engaged with board priorities.

ACCT has the expertise, support, and fee flexibility to tailor retreats and workshops to meet the specific needs of any board. Classic topics are available as well. Our services are unique and derive their strength from the following:

  • A singular focus on the two-year community and technical college sector.
  • A 35-year history of outstanding service to boards of trustees in colleges and districts throughout the United States and abroad.
  • A range of retreat, workshop and consultative services that address specific issues as well as setting the stage for long-term success.
  • Extensive experience, including over 300 board retreats, in community colleges.
  • Experience conducting over 300 retreats for community colleges all over the country.
  • Services that can be customized to a board's exact needs and budget.
  • Highly qualified facilitators and consultants who include former trustees, presidents and scholars with proven track records and expertise.

For more information:

Contact: Colleen Allen, Board Program Specialist
Office 202-775-6490 | Mobile 202-558-8682
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