Executive Search Services & Presidential Evaluations

Successful governance depends on a good relationship between the board and the president or chancellor, the single most influential person creating an outstanding institution.  Selecting, evaluating and supporting the president are among the board's most important responsibilities.

Selecting a president or chancellor is, perhaps, the most momentous decision made by a board of trustees. The decision has far-reaching implications for the board, the college, and the community. ACCT can help boards identify and select the best CEOs to lead their colleges on behalf of their communities. ACCT Executive Search Services

Boards dedicated to the continuous renewal of their college’s stewardship find that annual evaluation of the president is a healthy process that benefits all stakeholders. ACCT can help boards conduct a thorough and formal evaluation of the president that provides an opportunity to take stock of the significant contributions being made by the president to the college and provides a forum to discuss the future leadership needs of the college. ACCT Presidential Evaluation

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